List of video game engines

Hello everyone, today I wanted to share a list of free video game engines, mainly for those who want to create their own WG video game and don’t know where to start. First of all, 2 things, the first is that I have not tried most of these engines, I have only done a little research and tried to make sure they were free and the second is that some of them are already discontinued; We can start.

Raycasting Game Maker: it is an engine for making DOOM-type games, the bad thing is that for some reason I cannot execute the created files, it is very easy to use and from the little I have experienced it also offers fast results.
Wintermute Engine: Allows you to do point and click adventures, I haven’t tried it.
RPG Wolf Editor: It is similar to RPG Maker, only more complicated than I have seen.
OHRRPGCE: It is a tool very similar to RPG Maker, only simpler, apart from being the program with which I am most familiar.
RPG Paper Maker: Again, it is like RPG Maker, only it is made to look like paper environments, I have not tried it, however it has a free version with all its functions, the difference is that you will not be able to sell your work.
MUGEN: It needs no introduction, it is oriented towards the development of fighting games.
Godot: I think it is the most popular right now, it allows you to do both 2D and 3D, it is highly recommended.
CraftStudio: Allows you to make games with voxels (boxes) and is currently discontinued.
Ren’py: Made for the use of visual novels, it is very easy to use and you can make very professional results.
Game Editor: I’m not very familiar with it, although it may be interesting to practice.
Inform 7: Ideal for text adventures, I haven’t tried it much.
Construct Classic: The first of the Construct series, it allows you to make games without programming, it is discontinued in favor of its modern versions.
Entidad 3D: Very old, allows you to play games in 3D, discontinued.

Anyway, I still recommend doing your research if any catch your attention. Bye :slight_smile: