Little Adventure text quest game demo

Here is a little game prototype I developed.
It is supposed to be fully functional although short.
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  • Choose gender, name, body type, clothes and specialization (fighter, magician or kind of both).
  • Try out different actions & approaches to situations using save&load feature.
  • Works well on a smartphone (choose online version). The layout is optimized for small screens; though it’s necessary to use keyboard for input, so yeah not ideal

Online version: Little adventure
Offline version: (91.5 KB)
To play the offline version unpack the archive files and open index.html in a browser (it will prolly not work if you skip the extraction step).

  • Type reset command to reset the progress to the very beginning (to the 1st intro text)

The project was put together for funsies in my spare time, so can’t expect much from it. There’s currently no weight gain. If youre fat in the beginning then you stay fat. If youre thin you stay thin.
The initial plan was to add more content (continuation of the story) however at this point I am not sure I will do that because the demo took way more time than I initially hoped and other problems & reasons.

If I continue the development and add more content then it will probably look like what I already have but more of it. More situations, more poor writing, more everything… I can easily make situations that lead to the character gaining weight, though the question is; what happens if a character who’s already fat gains weight? Will they then become super-fat? I can’t increase fatness levels infinitely. Perhaps gaining weight on a fat character will lead to ‘game over’ screen saying that the character is now too fat and can’t move (and I was too lazy to add more fatness levels).

As usual, all feedback is welcome, including negative feedback. What should be fixed? What should be changed? Added? Let me know.
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as i said, it looks to be an interesting base so far. i like that there seems to be plans for clothes bursting stuff (as that’s reaalllyy good and i feel like it’s less explored than you’d think) and that u let male characters crossdress but idk how I feel about the “one failed skill check” deaths, tho i guess that’s what saving and loading are for. that’s all i have to say for now, really, aside from that i hope u keep workin on it!!

How do we restart on the web client?

Good Fun, hope u continue to work on it

Was a fun little jaunt, I hope you continue working on it!

Type reset command to reset the progress to the very beginning (to the 1st intro text);
Refresh the page if it crashed

Perhaps some in-game help texts are a little misleading. I remember I wrote “use this command in console-terminal version of the app” but later I ended up creating web version of the app based on the console version, so the same commands are supposed to work in the current web version

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Loved it, it’s like a kinky, fantasy-based Alter Ego!
Excited to see what more you do with this system!

It was a quick little romp - very enjoyable! Can’t wait t’see more.

This was, indeed, very fun, despite being such a short experience. I can’t wait to see how it develops!

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It was short but very fun. :slight_smile:

I like adventure elements in these sorts of games. I like the potential for changing weight status and how well clothes fit, and also the environmental challenges. The point system is neat too. Thanks for sharing this!


this is coming along pretty well so far. i tried playing several ways (stuffing to the brim, doing the opposite and everything in between) and i have seen some nice little details that i hope to continue seeing when more of the game is done

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Nice game, I also like the engine: way smoother than textadventures. Any plans to make it a platform for interactive writing?