"Lo-Cal" Gain Jam: Two Weeks to Go!

Good day to you all!

This is your two-week reminder that the Gain Jam will be commencing on:

Noon PDT (12:00 UTC-7) of Saturday, August 12th

The Gain Jam will run for 14 days until noon of Saturday, August 26th.

Key Information

Who can enter? Anyone of minimum age 18 and who has met Trust Level 1 (T1) in the forum. You can work alone or in teams.

What can I make my game in? Anything, provided you can upload a file that runs on Windows or browsers, and doesn’t require any additional hardware or software.

What assets can I use? The game should be developed during the jam, but you may use pre-existing code and can use whatever art and audio assets you have the legal right to use.

When should I submit my game? You can submit your game at any point after the jam begins by posting a submission thread here in the Gain Jam board. If you submit early, you can continue to update the game at any time before the jam closes.

Who will judge the games? No official judges this year! Instead the games will be freely judged by the public.

Is there a Discord channel for this I can join? Yes! The Gain Jam channel on the WeightGaming server will be open as of now.

Expanded rules and other handy links will be posted separately on the Gain Jam board!