Long time viewer now debutes, and it's a seal? with clothes?

jokes aside I’ve been keeping an eye on this site ever since at least the 3rd Gain Jam. Played a couple of games of that jam and those following the upcoming years. It’s also thanks to this site that I became aware of games like Tribal Hunter and Smasher and the will 'o the Thiccs. Both games I own when they were in early access (still own them and I do not regret the purchase even to this day.)

But enough about this site let’s talk about me. Yes, me, the seal with clothes. Some quick things to know.

  • Gamer at heart. I have played games for at least half a decade now.
  • Can swear, but chooses not to. I’m a very polite one.
  • Many attempts as game developer, not one has suceeded yet. Did have a very small contribution to the Smasher skin community
  • If I was allowed by a video publishing site (as in not be worried about getting flagged) I would absolutely make a In-depth let’s play on Tribal Hunter.
  • No brainer but favorite game from this site : Tribal Hunter .
  • Why I decided to make an account after so long? I felt brave, simple as that. And thus history was made. (Besides I already made the account no way am I backing out now.)

Glad to make the aquaintaces with you all. May this little seal do great things.


Great interest

The amount if times I’ve seen that image come by and being on the recieving end of it this time…

Good vibes all around. :slightly_smiling_face:

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What do you like about seals?

The simplest answer being: I just like them.

the longer more detailed explaination is a series of events that started with the release of pokemon sun and moon, with popplio of course being the starter I picked before release because it was cute, and from there it spiraled into liking all 3 seal like pokemon and liking seals in real life in general.

I don’t need to give a doofensmirtz like backstory to explain why I like seals, I just like them. no need to get complex

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