Lookin fer POV gain stories

So yeah, been craving self point of view stories as of late but have a hard time nailing down good sources. If anyone knows a good stash of female or non-specific weight gain fiction, letta fellow FA know, yeah?


So you’re after stories where the girl gaining weight is the POV character? Or stories where the pov character is you, the reader?

Preferably you as the female pov gaining, but wouldnt pass on either tbh.

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Well it just so happens that I have some recommendations. That is the primary content that I write.

Here is a DA collection of good places to start with my writing: Juxtaterrestrial - Professional, Writer | DeviantArt

Kelri’s Gain is a good starting place( Kelri's Gain Part 1: Get Stuffed by Juxtaterrestrial on DeviantArt ), though I’m in the process of remastering it - fixing some of the series’ flaws and making it look nicer and easier to follow ( [BLU 1] - Kelri's Gain 1 - (Remastered) by Juxtaterrestrial on DeviantArt ).

You could also start with Myre’s Enthusiasm( Myre's Enthusiasm Part 1: Small Beginnings by Juxtaterrestrial on DeviantArt) . It’s in the same universe, but follows a different character.

Hopefully these ones meet your approval!


I haven’t seen a lot of stories like that, even though I keep my eyes open for them. I do have a couple old stories of my own I wrote a long time ago, a couple that were based on some particularly interesting dreams I remembered back then I wrote into story-form. I’ll have to upload those sometime. I think I wrote those in first person too.

I know there are several over on Fantasy Feeder.

I know there are a handful on FF, but some of them are of questionable quality, aome are behind the premium wall, and you have to find them all buried in the oodles and boodles of stories there are. Also, its pretty hard to find first person pov gain stories on there. Many of them are from the feeder persepctive of a guy, which is kind of a buzz kill. Female pov and first person pov are, admittedly, a bit rarer, more so on the later. Even my own writing style doesnt really conform to the first person pov, and my better efforts are thwarted by my incessant adhd. Even further beyond that, finding many that both focus some what on the gain as well as still gaining to bigger weights is even further refining what is already dividing a pond already somewhat shallow. Filter out the ones that stop at like, 200-300 lbs or go from 100 lbs to consuming the very earth in about a sentence and a half, and you start to see some of the issue. Hence why i was hoping someone else had knowledge of a good repository. Ye ol’e curvage weight room used to be well sorted by author and then tags, but its all slightly jumbled forum threads now.

Also Jux, you write good stuff. Wanted to say thanks. Not exactly what i was looking for, but quality is quality, definitely worth the binge.

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Even after I asked a clarifying question i still just totally misread what you replied! Sorry about that, haha!

Thanks though!