Looking for a 3D Modeler


Hello, everyone! It’s the project manager for Faehna again. Development has been going well and we expect the first pre-alpha release (v0.1) to be out by next month. Expect invites to be re-opening then. If you missed our first announcement from when we were earlier in development, it’s a large open source multiplayer sandbox survival roleplaying game. Think of it kind of like a mix of Minecraft and Rimworld but with fetish mods. We want to make a game that’s endlessly replayable and with friends as well.

Here’s a small preview of what we have working at the moment.

Though things are going smoothly, we have a bit of a shortage when it comes to developers for the game. I am currently working every position at the moment, though I do get some helpful advice from a fellow programmer sometimes, as well as from other members of the Faehna community.


To get straight to the point: While it isn’t completely a requirement, I would like to have a character model for the game before the game’s second version (v0.2), as the first version is mostly done already so it may be too late to work on that unless someone were to start working immediately. I can technically make a character model myself but it’s not my specialty and I’ve already got a lot of work I need to do already, especially since this game involves a lot of networking, which is quite difficult if you didn’t know.

We don’t have many requirements for this. If you can make a good model (see below) then you’re accepted. I don’t mind how you do it, even if you just follow a tutorial for most of it, just please make sure that you have the time to spend and don’t mind putting a bit of effort into this.

Also, keep in mind this game is open source. All original game assets* will be free to use by anyone under the CC0 license which has basically no restrictions. This will contribute back to the community as a whole and help anyone else who wants to make a similar game, and maybe even yourself in the future. We want to help this community grow and make higher quality games, and a good reusable character model would be very useful to anyone else working on 3D games like us, especially once we release stuff like hair and other accessories that can also be used for free.

(*“Assets” does not include the game’s code, which is released under the GPLv3 license. This is an open source license that prevents people from using it in closed source software. Imagine if you could steal all of Minecraft’s code, rebrand it, and then resell it as your own. The GPLv3 doesn’t prevent that, but it does make it so that they have to open source their game, so you can legally make your own version of Faehna as long as you give everyone else the same permissions we gave you.)

Note: We will give you a cut of revenue once we start making money, but think of this more as a volunteer job that helps out everyone. You should be doing it not for the money, but because it’s what you want to do. The money is just a bonus, and it probably won’t be too much since we don’t want to ruin the game with stuff like micro-transactions and battle passes, which we are very strictly against.


Note: This doesn’t all need to be done at once. If you can get it done eventually then that’s perfectly fine. All we need to start off is a rigged character model and then we can add on to it from there. Other people can even help if they want since this is an open source game.

These requirements are mainly for a female model but if you would like to make a male character model then that is fine as well.

  • Must be consistent with the rest of the game’s style. Basically, just anime style.

    • If that’s not descriptive enough, it should be similar to this.
  • Several stages of fatness

  • Chest size stages

    • One set for fat and one set for normal.
    • Used mainly for lactation, but also character customization.
  • Must be rigged

    • I can help if needed.
  • Must be nude

    • Doesn’t need genitals modeled, though. That kind of stuff isn’t planned for any time soon and someone else can add that if they want it sooner.
    • If you really want, though, you can add them.
  • Vertex groups for each limb so that rigging doesn’t have issues at larger sizes.

  • Animations

    • I can do this myself if you can’t. I am fairly good at animating.
  • Should not use assets that are not under CC0.

    • Other licenses frequently have restrictions that prevent them from being used in open source games. If you need textures then I can make them or help you find ones under CC0. I am a decent artist, though, so I can probably just make them for you.


  • Height customization

  • Face customization

    • Either a separate model that can be switched out or shape keys.
  • Can make clothes

  • Can make hair

Contact Information

Interested? Send a friend request to @hoshikouka.com on Discord. Alternatively, if you’re active and you’d like to join the community first, you can join the Discord server, but keep in mind we are mainly a community and roleplay server and not a game server: Inactive members get kicked regularly and you need to fill out a short application to get in, so just DM me if you don’t plan on being an active member or just don’t want to fill out an application.

If you’re just here reading this and not actually interested in the job for whatever reason, but want to follow the project, you’re free to join if you’d like but don’t join if you’re not active as mentioned above. Applications have loosened after the new activity rules were added but if you write a one-sentence application you’re going to get rejected.

Good at something else? We’re also looking for programmers, non-character modelers, composers, and someone who’s good at finding developers because I’m honestly exhausted after this, but we need a character modeler the most.