looking for a development team!

hi, i am a freelance game developer. or more programmer, hud and lvl builder. I am writing here in the hope of supporting an existing project in the direction of inflation and/or stuffing. The prerequisite is that you work with unity and C#. an artist would also be advantageous because I can only draw the simplest things myself.


Whats your pitch?
I have managed quite a few games on here and have experience in unity and some professional one in c#

I’ve been through the Unity tutorial for RPGs so far and helped out another team of developers for quite a while. As mentioned, I mainly took care of the HUD, tilemaps and programming. Unfortunately, things haven’t really progressed for a while and I want to use my skills elsewhere.

okay but what idea do you have?
Is there a director with a vision for what the game should be?

apart from text-adventures i’m open to everything. I am also very interested in learning new things. however, as I said, firstly I don’t want to work alone and secondly I want to have an artist on board. maybe I should also exclude male inflation, stuffing, because then I wouldn’t feel comfortable. do you have a team in mind that you could involve me in?

You have a fair idea here.
However, I only work on content w/ male content.
I still wish you luck.