Looking for a Different Engine.

So, a few weeks back I asked about what the best game engine was for a text adventure, and while I’ve certainly got ideas for twine, it wasn’t what I was lookimg for.

Instead, I’m asking, what’s the best engine for Random Events? I’ve seen Renpy be pretty good, but I’m also interested in whatever is used for Free Cities.

I may also look into how to use RPG Maker.

Can you give more information on what you mean by “random events”? Any of those engines should be capable of generating random numbers and selecting a text entry based on that input. If you want to do something more complicated we’ll need more information on how the mechanic is supposed to work.

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So I’ll have to learn how.

That’ll do, but what does Free Cities use to run?

Twine’s fine, you just have to switch off Harlowe and use Sugarcube if you want to do more than just a CYOA story.
Free Cities is made in Twine, using Sugarcube.

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@SRP is right, Free Cities is Twine/Sugarcube and a good chunk of Javascript. It’s open source too, so you can see how it’s done. It’s not small though…