Looking for a DND group (Despite not knowing how to play DND) (SLOTS FILLED, NO LONGER ACCEPTING)

Hiya! It’s not often I post here but I’m interested in looking for a table top group that mainly consists of weight gain and/or other stuff, as I’m pretty kink friendly.

And I’ll admit, I’ve never done an online or irl table top or DND session… though I would like to learn as I’m trying to find new hobbies or interests. I hope to learn soon though!


Heya! I’d totally be down for it. Pretty experienced DM and player and, well, we are on the weight gaming forum so it goes without saying I’m down for some kinky D&D.


Ooooh, sure! Id be glad to join your DND sessions! Btw, what is the plot or objective to your session? Or are furries allowed in it?

Apologies for the miscommunciation. I don’t have a group assembled for kink D&D. I’d be happy to participate though. Sorry for the confusion. Point being if you or I find some others I’m definitely up for it.

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Ohh, I see. Well, I’m always up for offers! As long as it doesn’t involve me being the dungeon master or what they call it.

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I could probably fill in as Dungeon Master. Like I said I’m pretty experienced in a lot of systems, so no problems there. Might hit up a reddit LFG sub or something to find us more players.


Thatd be a good idea! Feel free to PM me your Discord username btw so this thread wont be as cluttered!

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Uh this is a bit embarassing, how do I pm on here? sorry, I’m new to the forum.

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It’s simple! Just click on my icon and it’ll give you an option to message me privately!

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Write me down as interested!

I’ve been looking for a group for a while if you had room i would be interested.

write me down as interested too! this sounds cool!

I’d be in for it, been playing for a few years now

I’m interested just as well i would like to join if there any room

That’s great. just DM me your discord user name and I’ll send you an invite.

Hello! I’ve never played DnD before, but I’d love to be apart of this! If you’re still looking, of course.

I’ve got a good chunk of experience running kinky DnD stuff (weight gain, vore, etc) and have even written two systems for it. I’d be interested in participating!

Hey y’all here’s an invite link to any that want to join. Fate of the fatties

Im happy to join a game! My discord is terminallycapricious so feel free to add me!

Hi. I have a D&D Discord server. If you or anyone want to join, here it is: