Looking for a game to join

Hey! I’ve been playing dnd for about 7 years now and I got super curious about if there are any games that lean into fetish stuff on purpose. So i found this site! I’ve never played with fetishes/kinks involved ,but I would love to try.

I’m into larger weight gains and inflation(any type is cool so blueberry, water, air, etc) so would love a game involving one or more of those. I’m cool with playing any gender just depends on the character i role up.

For me it’s not really a horny thing and more just a comfort one, but i don’t mind if others get horny. (I’m ace myself ,but completely understand)

If anyone has games that I could join or help make a new group, my discord is terminallycapricious and you’re welcome to add me!

I have commented on some posts before ,but i thought it might help if i made my own post as well!

Can’t wait to play with new people!


Hi. I got a few games up on Discord. Would you like to join a few of them?