Looking for a game

It was a game made by vilified

here’s the link but you can not download it anymore. I am wondering if anyone has a downloadable version of this file. If you do I would appreciate it so much.


Here’s v0.33.1, an edit where the PC is excited to gain weight, and a useful autoclicker utility for cheating.


how old is that version?

Thank you so much, I appreciate it.

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My WGRPG Dev 0.33.1.jar file is dated 9/6/2012, the edit is 6/17/2013

hi how to open it becausei cant find a file to perate it

It’s a Java executable file, so you need the Java Runtime Environment to run it. Here’s what I learned from Google University: How to open a Jar file

Its funny to me that people took the time to edit this old mess of mine.

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wait did you make the game

Yes, but I don’t offer support for it anymore. I don’t even have the source files anymore.

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fair enough just find it cool