looking for a mod

so a while back I found this mod on here if I recall correctly. it was something like Hyper Azazel. a fat azazel from binding of Isaac. I didn’t get the mod at the time since I didn’t have afterbirth plus aka no mods but I can get it know and wanted to get the mod. but I can’t find it can some one link it for me?

It was removed due to potential legal issues involving child characters in proximity to sexual content. The developers were very professional about this and our removal should in no way suggest their intent was nefarious. We’d like to see the devs continue to work on their craft since their mod was well made. But for legal reasons it cannot be hosted here. Links to it will be removed without warning.

oh. any way I can find it on my own then? the mod did sound interesting despite the whole child characters bit

well, i know it’s obvious, but you may have to make your own mod, for yourself. seems greedy and selfish, i know, but if you really wanted to play with it, then you’d probably have to make your own. now, if you have no major modding abilities, another thing you could do is swap some sprites out, like mega fatty with isaac, technically, he wouldn’t be a child, and you can relatively get the experience. i myself don’t even know how to do THAT (i’m small brain, i know) but in theory it could work.

also sorry this is waaaaay late lol