Looking for a programmer who's familiar with Godot

Hello, I’m am the project lead of a game called Project Breath, I am looking for a programmer who’s willing to make a rough prototype of a fan game about weight gain and corruption as game mechanic.

As it is, it’s going to be a 2D top down Zelda-like. the game will have emphasis of the original open world design of the first Legend of Zelda game on the NES, action adventure with dungeon exploration. This will be a non-profit fan game.
As for the game loop here’s is a rough detail of what it would be

Start at crossroad → find items of interests → find clues and friendly NPCs → Search for Hometown/Rest Area → Start New Day

As the project lead, I can provide assets needed namely graphics, SFX and music
Here’s the project’s assets already made, more will come soon.

Please contact me on the weight gaining discord, my username is the same as my account name
Otherwise please message me over here or Twitter.

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color me interested, and DM me after the jam has cooled down

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Hi! :heart:
I’m also very familiar with Godot engine as well! :smile:

Can’t wait to see more games made in Godot engine!

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