Looking for a Programmer!

I’ve decided to become about as serious as I can for my Avorable idea, and wanted some help with the programming for it.

A lot has been changed since this post was last made. I recommend checking out the main page for more information.

I would love to help make this but I have 4 projects right now plus school and I have yet to try an RPG fighter in Godot. So maybe once things lighten up I could try and take a stab at it, but don’t wait on me if you find someone else take there offer instead.

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I appreciate the message nonetheless! I hope everything goes well for you!

A fighting game in RPG Maker? Why not MUGEN, which was designed as a fighting game engine from the start, or a general purpose engine even?

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I haven’t heard of MUGEN, actually. I’ll check it out.

I see. Well, the problem with MUGEN is that it doesn’t appear to have any free roaming outside of battles and my idea is better focused on exploration. The fights are practically fluff.

Would you be willing to add a male form instead of just female in?

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Sorry, there are no plans to fetishize males in this game. There will be males, but they’ll be part of the hostile factions. They might get vored.

Fair enough.
I only work on projects which do.
Good luck still.

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Totally fair, my friend.

If you’re still looking, I’d be down to help out :slight_smile:

I’m working on my own title currently, but I’m waiting for art assets to be done, so I’d be willing to at least get the work started for this idea

I’d be very happy to get some functionality at least, but you could also teach me the program!

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Will send you a message!