Looking for a sandbox game with plus size options in character creator.

I’m looking for a sandbox game with an option to make plus size characters. I currently have Craftopia (Plus size only possible through VRoid Hub, check my VRoid Hub page for some plus size models) PSO2 NGS, Private Servers such as Clementine (For Phantasy Star Universe) and Ephinea (For Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst), Blade and Soul, and Chimeraland (Not too sure if I trust this one. Seems kinda… spyware ish). What I am looking for specifically is something that lets me make a chubby female or male character, preferably human, or human-ish. Elves, dwarves, so on are fine. I want to be able to make chunky women, or femboys. Featured is images of my characters in PSO2 NGS. I don’t expect to be able to make a grape femboy, or a blueberry playboy bunnygirl in ALL games, but just chunky is fine for me.

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