looking for a specific subcategory

i’m really into either vore or regular weight gain where digestion results in some kind of expansion (breasts, butt, balls, penis, etc.), be it instant or slow. i have trouble finding content from this specific subcategory of weight gain/expansion so if anyone could link me to some games, artists, stories or otherwise that contain it it’d be greatly appreciated

So, I may be misreadin ya here, but digestion being weight gain is only slightly abstracted in a bunch of things here. A lot are food in = mass out, but that’s not that different from what you describe. I know gaining perpsectives has it, and to be honest, due to how small the difference is, I don’t see how Lanna’s adventure, Super Fatty RPG, or Unnamed Stuffing RPG don’t meet the requirements you have here. all involve people eating, and as a result becoming fat. Now they aren’t vore, since I ain’t into that, but the requirement seems to be digestion means bigger. now what I suggested may be more Eating=bigger but thats what I mean by small abstraction. eating to digestion is not a large jump, at least in my eyes. so I don’t see much in the way of difference here.

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i suppose i wasn’t very clear, my bad. what i meant more was the weight going to almost anywhere but the stomach. i’m down for traditional weight gain very frequently but occasionally i get in a specific mood for more breast expansion, while keeping the eating aspect of weight gain. like i like the idea of food going in and fat distribution being almost specifically to primary and secondary sex organs, if that’s more clear.

OK, I get what you are saying now, I think. I can’t think of any that are that specific, but eat the dungeon has one character that gains much more heavily in the breasts, and one that is very butt focused, but neither are exclusively breast/butt, there is some belly going on there too. Unfortunately I can’t really think of much else where eating is more expansion than realistic weight gain.

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