Looking for a UI artist to help with Project Quimbly

I am looking for a UI designer to help on my game. If you yourself are a UI artist or know a good one that won’t be opposed to working on a belly inflation game.

I am willing to pay and I hope to have something that looks somewhat akin to HuniePop or something of that sort.

If interested please send a message to GamingTV#6399 on discord or reply to this forum post


Is this UI animated, or just “button pressed/not pressed?”

Honestly, I’m cool with either but I need a lot of things, like I want new panels to put buttons on, a new textbox, maybe a new font to go with it and maybe some fill able bars. The project is Project Quimbly btw in case you’re interested.

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I’m working two other projects now, with a third one (maybe) on hiatus. If there’s absolutely no one else, I can get some time to help you out.

hey thanks for the offer, I’ll keep you in mind! :slight_smile:

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