Looking for a vore text adventure game, please help!

Hello WG, i forgot the name of the game but i can describe it the best i can!!

You could choose to be male of female, you were a pred and the game started after your character gets fired after licking someone
i believe you could also choose your height and species (probably a furry game??? i dont remember…)
it had no visuals but it described the locations…

you could also toggle a setting to activate sct and wter s*orts,
you also had to keep up a job to earn money but if you worked to much you would starve to death.
You could also order a pizza, eating the pizza man/woman in the process,

Dont be afraid to message me if you know what i’m taking about, thank you!!

I suspect Consume by GenkoKitsu on FA?

Yes!! thank you so much!!