Looking for a way to make games

Like most people here, I want to make a game, so I looked at RPG maker, and found out it was a pay-to-use thing. How could they? They expect me to PAY for there service? Unfair! Unjust!

So that’s my story, anyone know any entry level game making studios that are free to use?
currently, I am not to sure on what game I would even make, but i got a bucket of ideas, if I’m given a direction, I can probably slap together a pretty ok game.


godot with gdquests rpg plugin

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as I understand it GDevelop is very easy to use and it doesn’t require coding. I haven’t used it myself so I can’t say for sure.

if you are willing to try coding I like Godot and I think it’s not that hard

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aye, thanks my dudes

I’d still recommend RPG Maker MV if you have Steam at least. Normally it’s 80$ bucks, but whenever it goes on sale it’s only 15$. That’s how I’ve got it, it’s the exact same version you’d get through the regular website, you just have to launch it through Steam instead.

With how often Steam does sales and especially with it being the holidays I’d say you’d have a fair chance of getting it cheap soon.

Another side bonus of the Steam version is a bunch of community DLC that add extra tools and graphics options you can get.

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You could check out my Google site Ludus Mantra that I’ve been compiling game developing resources for. Besides a list of game engines (both free and pay for) the site also has art, icon, sound, and music resources. It’s mainly a site that helps quick reference other sites you may or may not know about :3