Looking for a Weight Gain DnD group that beginner friendly

Hello, I’m Jake or Siren if you prefer and I someone who is interested in learning how to play DnD. Personally, I’m interested in weight gain and playing a Female character. I’ve never played DnD before so I’m pretty much a beginner. If you’re interested in having me in your game contact me on my Discord, sirenroleplays. I hope you have a Great Day.


btw i want to join too. a new experience would be nice


I have DMed a feedee/WG/vore game before. If there is interest I’ll set up a text game on discord.

Let me know. We probably need five or six people. Text isn’t as fun as voice but the schedule is easier.

Also, I’ve worked with new players before. Let me know if that’s off interest


That’s amazing saintx. I agree that scheduling is the toughest part :slight_smile: , but I would be Interested to join if we find a bunch of people.

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If it is organized and possible, I would like to participate ^w^

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I would love to join as well and should be pretty available to play in text

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I’m in the exact same situation, I’d love to join a weight gain focused dnd campaign

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I wouldl9ve ro join one as well

I am interested. So, if this offer is still available I’d love to join. My discord username is sirenroleplays. Thank you so much for responding.

If something pops up from this, I’d be interested in joining a campaign as well. Been meaning to join a dnd game for a while.