Looking for a WG group

Throwing my hat into the ring in searching for a WG group. I have some experience from years ago with the original Pathfinder system (no fetish content), and much more recently playing D&D 5e (with ExpanD&D mixed in) and some Fate Accelerated. I’m open most nights, but lean more towards Monday, Wednesday, or Saturday starting at about 5 PM CST (so I think 10 PM UTC, if I am doing the conversion with DST correctly). Friday night is a no-go at this time.

I am hoping to find something to get back into Pathfinder if possible, but am not opposed to doing more D&D either.

What sort of content are you looking for?

I DM for sci-fi female-exclusive WG. Tungston Mountain#3132

I knew I had forgotten something. Female weight gain for the most part. Fantasy or sci-fi isn’t a problem. So that seems tempting.

Ping me on Discord then, friend. Let’s chat.