Looking for a writer for a 3d Game

Im looking for someone to help with dialog and some general writting for a weight gaining game, ive been struggling with the writing side of my games and its the main bit which is haulting my development as my mind goes blank, so i thought id try get some outside help

the game is a 3d novel game made using renply and daz3d and is mainly based around a male main character who will be the protagonist feeder character the player will play as who will be feeding different girls on dates throughout the game, im looking for someone who can write dialog for the game aswell as assist on the direction certain paths the story will go, im dont mind paying or if someone new who is interested in writing would help me out i would be happy with anything really, if interested let me know i can message you the plot of the game to see what you think!


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I would also be willing to help out!

I’m willing to throw my hat in the ring if you’re still looking.

I can certainly help with word usage, grammar, spelling, punctuation and the like. (Proofreading)
I’m currently working on my own text adventure project on Adrift5 - not for this Gain Jam though.
It will be a while before my game is finished.

I possess a currently under-utilised Creative Writing degree, a heap of unfinished stories and a penchant for fat women. Sign me up.