Looking for an artist for a weight gain/stuffing game

Looking for an artist to partner with for a weight gain/stuffing game.

I’m in the middle of making a visual novel style game in the Godot engine. You can read more about it below but what I’m looking for is an artist to partner with. There is one character(so far) drawn at various weights and fullness levels and 5 backgrounds (2 are just different times of day). The first episode is nearly complete aside from some of the menu system and obviously the artwork.

What I mean by “partner” is I cannot offer you money upfront but instead split the Patreon money 50/50. I plan on continuing this into an episodic game that gets a new “episode” every month or so this wouldn’t be a one-time commission for a quick renpy made game but more of a legitimate graphic novel with care put into it.

About The Game:
Story: One morning, after you find the roads completely blocked with no way of going to work, you run into Mary a cute and kind but snarky girl you didn’t realize you lived next door to. After a nice chat, she invites you to come watch a movie with her while you’re both stuck in the same building. Later that day she discovers your dark secret. You like fat girls. Little did you know, she was a feedee in a past relationship. She doesn’t miss him but she misses being fed. Over the course of the game you and her rediscover her love of food with new locations and ways to keep fattening her up. As well as trying figure out if she’s just your feedee or something more <3

Ain’t that sweet. If you’re interested please send me a message and some artwork you’ve done. I’ll answer any questions and even show you the unfinished game build if you want to get more of a taste for it. I look forward to talking.

You still looking for an artist? I might be able to put in some work for you for free, but I can promise that I’ll be able to be a full time partner.