Looking for Animator && UI Artist (Project Quimbly Paid Position)

As I’m sure all of you are tired of hearing, I’m still working on Project Quimbly. The game’s scope is too big for me to handle on my own, Me and the artist probably could manage but I want to make the best game possible. It is my dream for this game to appear on steam one day looking as professional as possible. That’s where you guys come in. I can’t offer an obscene amount but I’ll try and make it worth your while :).

Edit: This game is made in Unity so I’d prefer people that understand the Unity Animation system. Also, The UI artists don’t need to know much about unity as UI is fairly standard I believe!


I dont think I can do anything too fancy but I can throw together some curves and boxes in inkscape if that helps.

Would be UI just to be clear.


Okay that sounds good. Can you PM me work you’ve done previously

This would be my first smut thing and everything else would potentially identify me, so no. It would also be entirely my first real project ever.

Well would you like me to pay you or would this just be for experience?

Depends entirely on scope and what I can do.

Like, what you need and how much of that I am able to do.

alright, can you join the project’s discord and maybe we can discuss further details?

discord: https://discord.gg/SAvaHmyuVR

Hey did you join the discord? I have a job for you that actually kinda needs attention urgently…

I did, but it looks like my message got lost somehow