Looking for another artist (Found 3)

This time its all abit diffrent im looking for an artist there can make a cartoonish piece to help celebrate my friend she just reached 300 with her weight gain and i would like to celebrate it with a commission

This is the style im looking for


Well hey congrats on her hitting 300! Also I’ve worked with this artist in the past, they do great work for a good price and are very responsive so maybe check them out? Xoa4CnsyDHY by vitlut on DeviantArt

Might use the person ive already found one (i think) they are abit slow responding if they dont do that before tomorrow morning imma ask the one u linked

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I would recommend Just messaging the artist on DA I found it easier than going on patron plus it shows you are more serious that you want to do a commission with them.

Congratulations to her for hitting the big 3-0-0! One can only imagine just how big she will end up getting!

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I did and i got 3 but before those 3 messaged me at the same time ive waited 5 days with no response thats why i posted here

I can post a link to her onlyfans.com if u want or her
Fantasyfeeder.com though she deletes stuff of there so people will get her on onlyfans.com

It’s up to you/her. I’m okay with whatever.

Why not use the artist of the art you posted? ((Also, hey, that’s my commission even!))

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Didnt write back also 2 of the ones ive hired have seem to gone inactive so might need more if they dont respond

https://twitter.com/kurocazenosora They’re more active on twitter.

Wow that one is gonna be hard gonna have to use google translate

They know English well enough - I’ve gotten multiple commissions from them.