Looking for anyone to hire to help me make my ideas into a game.

Looking for a full crew, basically. Artist, coder, the works. I know a few basic things but lack the motivation to do much myself currently. Easier to pay and help where I can rather than try to do everything myself, let alone learn everything.

Basically a survival/turn based RPG with skills, exp, a home/base, very atmospheric, like Silent Hill and the like.
Basic premise is you have a base/home you can customize and live in, taking on quests from a board in order to enter instanced dungeons or locales, which affect what spawns, what can show up, ect.

Skills and stats let you customize your character how you want, with a lot of flexibility in mind for builds.
A mechanic where after several days, the world grows pitch black aside from light sources. Monsters are more frequent and stronger, but general loot, exp are boosted for risking going out. You’re perfectly fine to stay home and work on crafting or gardening, ect as well.

“Time” system. Basically points towards how many quests or actions you can do at home before resting for the day.
Supplies. Lets you keep going day to day. While this is mainly a serious focused game, from a kink focus as the character gets fatter the more they’ll need per check.

Not sure how much this is possible, or if anyones willing, but feel free to contact me if any interest arises.

Do you have an engine in mind? Depending on exactly how little motivation you have, RPG Maker MZ and some plugins could sort out a good deal of your codebase. I know that VisuStella, despite its… Baggage, can somewhat competently handle these systems:

I’m not sure about the Quest Board; I swear I’ve seen a plugin around somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it. Same for the Day/Night Cycle/Time System, but I believe what you’re asking for is fairly easily accomplished though a Parallel Common Event tracking a variable (“Action Points”) that flips Switches tracking time period.

Granted, I know you’re asking for a TEAM, and not TOOLS, but I figured it would help you crystalize some of your design before you put it forth to a future team.

Regardless, best of luck!

Even if it isn’t kink-focused, this looks pretty interesting as a concept. Can’t do anything to help sadly as I’m just a lurker though.

I was contemplating RPG Maker MZ, though I have no idea if it’s viable or any good. Do you have any experience with it or other engines?

I might be interested in helping as an artist. I did all of the art for Sugar Crash and you can see some of my other art on my Twitter https://twitter.com/HeftyTotem. The general outline for the game seems relatively well outlined. I would however need to know more about what kind of ‘atmospheric’ your game is and to what extent you’re aiming for for explicit material be it horror, sexual or kink related content though.

Hey, I’m interested as programmer/artist.
I work in Godot mostly in 2D, would like to get more details about project too.
I could be also a secondary artist (My art skills are still a bit shaky). My twitter https://twitter.com/_Demonfire

I’ve tooled around in both RPG Maker MV (MZ’s predecessor) and Game Maker: Studio. RPG Maker tends to be a pretty straightforward system once you wrap your head around its particularities; naturally, it prevents you from having to “reinvent the wheel,” so to speak, when getting an RPG off of the ground, especially when managing databases (RM’s greatest strength, frankly speaking). It really shouldn’t be used for anything besides JRPG combat, though; you can jazz it up with plugins, sure, but you probably won’t be making, say, Secret of Mana.

Game Maker: Studio can make anything, even RPGs, (but really shouldn’t be used for RPGs, for the most part). GMS is fairly flexible and can be rather straightforward (but less so than RMMZ). I’ve made a number of small games in it, but never anything particularly complex (a three screen metroidvania is about all I had in me). There’s been a lot of progress and changes made on the engine since I last played around with it, so any knowledge I have is about five years outdated at this point. GMS also has access to a fairly extensive plugin library, which also tends to cost money.

Regardless, I don’t think I’m your guy. I’m of two minds on this. I’d love to get more experience in game development, but my current inexperience and lack of time means that, in all good conscience, I can’t offer you my services.

Oh wonderful! Feel free to message me on Twitter for my handle, or here. I use Telegram and Discord.

Ah, gotcha. Well by atmospheric, the easiest way I could describe it is as liminal spaces. Lighting and sound design are also an important aspect of atmosphere.

“You wake up in the middle of a dark living room. The only light and sound comes from an old, square TV set out before you in the middle of the room. The carpet beneath you is plush, and soft. The TV displays only snow. Looking around, this place seems to be an apartment of some sort. You have no idea how you got here…but it feels safe, somehow.”

Something to “set the mood” as an example.

As for horror, well a lot of the creature designs are macabre, some more tame than others, but definitely something you’d see in like Fear and Hunger, The Suffering, and so on.

No problem, I appreciate the feedback regardless. I mean I’m relatively a normal guy, writer, roleplayer, lol. So literally anyone who knows what they’re doing I’m more than happy to seek help from.