Looking for Artist - The Freshman 50

I’m looking for an artist to do some artwork for a Twine game I’ve been working on, linked here:

The game focuses on a small cast of main characters, all women currently, and weight gain.

I’ll be releasing a more enhanced and more filled out update SOON, but I wanted to put feelers out on if anybody was interested in helping do some artwork for this game.

I’m open to any art style, whether its 2D, 3D, Modeling, Traditional, Anime-inspired, Pixel Art, whatever floats your boat!

I’m also flexible with what you wanna make. Whether its an image for every story choice, just basic character designs, END screens, or even just title page art.



I’m MLock, I’m an illustrator/2D artist.
This is a link to some of my work if you’re interested.

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Hey! So sorry for not replying sooner - been going through a lot on the IRL personal side of things

Its no problem, I’ve been occupied myself

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Thank ya, appreciate your patience

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Hey I’m an illustrator too! My discord is grunk3620 and I’m willing to share some if work if you wanna collaborate.

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Check your discord friend requests!