Looking for Artists (FOUND ONE)

                           **FOUND ONE**

Haii im looking for someone who would like to make a little fat series about me and my friend where we gain weight for each artpiece

Im thinking it like this we are sitting in a room in a pile of pillows
Under us and the pillows is a gigantic weight there weigh us
Then a man comes in with food and weight gain shakes that we then eat
And for each section we get fatter but also taller until we are ENORMOUS
And when we reach the end we both weigh around 20-25 tons
(me being the biggest of course)

As i want it to be private and people dont find out
Im gonna send pics of our characters from a chat game called Imvu that u will be using
(i havent taken the pics yet but i will be writing a reply or edit at the bottom of this message when i have if i haven’t found an artist beforehand)

Im not picky with the artstyle but i want it to look good and have lots of details

Price is up for discussion but dont go to high i need to get myself bigger irl too :wink:

Ps. Shes a girl aswell so its 2 girls sitting in a room getting extremely fat and tall


if i could actually draw I’d love to, but i haven’t practiced in months and my art-style is just bleh anyways

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I would love to help you, if you want you can check my twutter and DA to see if you would like me to do it, its cj-x4 in both

We can discuss on Dm the details