Looking for Critiques on Art For a WIP Game

Hey guys! Jabthebear here! Me and a friend have been working on an RPG Maker project, but could use some help on the art front. Specifically relating to the fetish side of course. We are working on different stages of weight gain for a character named Abigail and could use some critique on where we can improve the piece in regards to making it more appealing, since my friend doesn’t do this kind of work all that often. The piece I have here is of the final stage, morbidly obese. Breaking down what you think could be improved would be awesome! Thanks for the help in advance.


Note that the art is WIP and the design is subject to change on the design front.

hey, art guy here, i would say what ypu have looks actuañly rly cute for a wip could use a bit of tweaking on the cheeks and a smaller mouth with lines at the end to showcase her cheeks, but other than that, the pic looks great, if you ever need any more help on art am always around

Thanks for advice. This is exactly what we need. We’ll try that and come back with the tweaks. If anyone else has more suggestions, we would love to hear them.

The features of the face are turned slightly from camera, but the actual location of the face doesn’t quite match; it becomes particularly noticeable for me when the image is flipped. The body is also squared up, meaning the character would be intentionally pointing their chin away which is a bit unusual of a pose for a person to make. Finally, and I’m probably not the best person to make this suggestion since I’m mostly a fur artist, but… a little more definition on the lips could help with appeal. I did a quick and dirty transform on the face and some redlining as an example.



Yeah, we noticed the turning and started to fix that up. As for the lips, we will have to try that out and see what we think. Thanks for your suggestion.

As far as early WIP obese character portraits? This i rather cute! I’d like to see it in color before I make any final stances, but my only bits of advice would be to shrink the mouth a bit, and maybe adjust the cheek bulge - her face is a bit too fat on that side for how the rest of her neck and head looks.

EDIT: My comment was in response to the original image, so lemme also give some follow ups to stuff i’ve seen in the thread and @FluffRat art as well. Personally, I’m against the lip edit, it makes her a bit too girly and/or “mature sexy,” and clashes a bit with the cutesyer look she had at first. I agree the perspective/angle of her neck is a bit off, with the position of her chin, head, face, and neck being possible, but stiff IRL. I also really like what you did with the hair there Fluff, as I think the original hair looks a bit flat and slick, without color it almost looks wet lol.

I’m not much of a critic, but I think FluffRat’s lip edit is pretty good. I found the lips in the original to seem a bit off, and FluffRat’s fix seems a lot better to me

Thanks for the comment. We agree that the lips were too big and that her proportions are off and stiff looking. We plan on fixing that as we tweak and go along. As for FluffRat’s lip edit, while we understand the lips need some work, we have also come to the conclusion that the edit doesn’t fit the style we are going with, but we will try and make the lips look better. As for the hair, we had it tied back in the design, but will play around with it to try and give it a softer look, which I believe should resolve the issue about it seeming wet. Thanks for the breakdowns everyone has been giving. They are incredibly useful for improving the art, since we haven’t really played around with fatter characters before and are looking for an appealing design that will impress people.

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I really wasn’t trying to create some lip controversy, just illustrating one possible direction. :confused: Sorry the edit seems to be distracting the conversation.

Late response, but its totally ok. Was needing a bit of discussion. The art is going through some reworks, but since we aren’t really putting full effort into it, its been in the works for a bit. Thanks for all of your help guys!