Looking for Discord for fetish D&D campaigns

Wanting to getting into some of the WG/Vore/Inflation modules and wanting a fun group/community

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I can entertain the Girl WG and perhaps a dash of the inflation.

Ping me on Discord if interested: Tungston Mountain#3132

Some of the Systems that are Advertised here have discords in which they play their system.
Check any of the D&D add on systems here and they most likely have a discord listed in the thread.

im down! send me a message at L_bobaTea#9015

I would also very much be down my user name is akiko da alien#8291

Love to join another one for more fun. Harukajunko#3415

I just made a D&D server with TF, WG, NSFW, And more

Hit the link and make it Furry tho~

If you still looking for people would love to try! Big on Weight gain and body inflation (preferably male leaning but cool for anything) especially if it’s wild sizes.

My discord is terminallycapricious
Feel free to add me if you still want more peeps

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