Looking for easy-to-use interactives

New user, happy to be a part of a relatable community! Was curious if anybody knew some text/interactive games that are able to run just by opening a browser. I’m not tech savvy, nor do I know any terminology or jargon involving this kind of thing. I’ve tried file downloaders, but most them run and operate as well as I can fly. I’m only using Mic. Edge and my Android for now, but I would appreciate some help from the community. I’m kind of biased and prefer it if it was human wg/xwg. Chub Club is a great example, with the player putting on weight. I apologize for the paragraph of detail, but I’d hoped I could explain as much as I could!

There’s quite a few deadends and the site goes down pretty often, but otherwise Buttercombe Academy and its various spin-offs are pretty good. From what I’ve seen, the quality is surprisingly consistent despite having so many contributers.