Looking for folks to join a post apocalypse d20 game!

A fatty game of course. I have a lot of experience, I’ve been DMing fatty campaigns for almost 3 years now.

The world is one after the fall of humanity, and extinction of most native species on an earth adjacent planet, one where, before the fall, humanity had developed society is a somewhat more gluttonous direction do to the heavy influence of consumerism in an otherwise relatively peaceful world. Then, a rift opened in the sky, spraying fattening creatures across the wasteland, ones which outcrowded most native species and caused the downfall of humanity. You play as some surviving organisms, facing a whole new kind of apocalypse.

D20 is a tabletop RPG with very few rules. I have custom-made, in-depth character sheet templates which allow for heavy character customization, but most interactions are pretty general and use the sheets as rough guides.

For more details, meeting some of the folks already in the campaign, and examples of previous games, feel free to join this server: The Ablobcalypse

Preferably you’re in the EST timezone, but we’ve got folks from all over.

Looking forwards to seeing you there!


Your invite is already invalid.

Same here another ~12 hours on.

Sounds interesting but what they said, your link’s already dead.

yeah, had a big influx of people, sorry!