Looking for group, gauging also interest in Nirulea

So I have went ahead and decided to gauge interest but also am looking to form a group for a campaign I doubt anyone will be interested, but I figure I put it out there, this is the discord link NiruleaRpg In the mean time, let me now begin with what I expect, first off, I will run as gm and it will be play by post hoping to get a more semi frequent activity (4 times a week Schedule is best discussed between players for good results on which days.) (for best results, be available at around 17:00 EST give or take by an hour at max) , considering I am effectively experimenting with Nirulea I will probably make balancing changes as I go, and it will be a little clunky potentially, especially if you have played before somehow in comparison. Ask me within discord to know more, I will be seen as “anonymous” and I will post the editted version within the discord server. But know it should be fairly similar to the original. Anyway, now with those out of the way, allow me to now start, you are all a group of hunters, who hunt dangerous game, whether it be massive Dire bears, to some of the dreaded giant eagles that swoop in to grab their prey. Occasionally there are monsters or other creatures so threatening, towns will hire hunters to hunt down beasts that exist mostly within myth or legends. Head to server and dm me for more questions if needed.

(this is just simply the modified rule set.)

I’m interested, and I joined the server c:

I forgot to add, but we are effectively looking for up to 3 more players now for the rp, then once that is reached, more can join on the server and if there are players who want to do more rps, then I will set up more rooms for it accordingly so it can be organized and set up. It may turn into a westmarch if things go well.

We are still looking for players.

I’m interested in playing

Alright, we have a session running at this point, but you are free to join, to help get more sessions going and to get more campaigns going and to aid in the balance discussions.