Looking for Group. Online Tabletop.

Hi, name is DegenbyDesign or NoNeed4Noobs.
I’ve been looking for a possible group to play with, in regards to some online tabletop. I have experience in both playing for a number of years, and DMing for a slightly smaller number of years.
I have been doing some basic perusing of some discord channels, but feel more at home on the forum for now. Kind of looking for selling points or games that I could try to join, although the right idea could get behind the DM’s screen.
Have to say, I read about the West Marches idea, I tried to implement a game (for Hunter the Vigil) like that in my local area, I am impressed if you have it working. That’s beyond awesome.

On a side note, I see alot of people running fantasy kink games. As in games set in the fantasy genre. I know for a fact, you could get some interesting results with games like Changeling or Eclipse Phase. You could even try the End of the World rpg, to maybe flip things on its head.

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Don’t know if I could play but I’m certainly interested in being in a kink tabletop rpg…

I’m interested in playing if you ever decide to DM. I’ve only ever played D&D 5e and GURPS but I’d be happy to learn new systems for a kink tabletop game.

If I can’t find a game before the new year, then I’ll likely plan something out. Partially due to impatience, and partially from curiosity. I’ve looked into two games in the RetroFeed discord which I am interested in, so if you are looking for that kind of thing, look there maybe?

(rant: I get so excited for potential games, thinking for hours on hours about potential characters and arcs. Getting to know a DM/GM, having an idea of how they enjoy the other side of the game screen. Building up potential relationships with other party members, building a backstory that fits in with the world. What happens? I never get to play or try anything. Its like spending 30 mins deciding an ice cream flavour and dropping it on the sidewalk immediately. The worst part is that I can normally DM, and I don’t think I’m up to the task of DMing a kink game myself.)
For example, was super excited about Tip-Tap-Drats’ game, the Retrofeed west marches game and am still mostly excited for ZombieAI’s game.
Feel free to ignore this/delete it or whatever.