Looking for help with Fallout 4 Coldsteelj

Hi, I’ve been trying to use Coldsteelj’s fallout 4 ssbbw mod. I asked for help on deviant but he doesn’t seem overly friendly.
I already had F4SE, downloaded latest looks, bodyslide, cbbe and MCM. Added 2 outfits from the recommended list, skipped the CBP physics. Downloaded the SSBBW file and copied its data folder to Steam<Steamapps<Common<Fallout4.
When I open bodyslide the only options it gives to model are clothes in the mod, nothing about a character body. But I kept with the directions, moved all sliders to 0, checked the morph box and batch build.
When I load in my character looks fine but as soon as I leave the house the neighbors look like blimps and once I get the pip boy and take the vault suit off my character fills the room.
I’ve deleted and redownloaded every mod and been using a backed up fallout data folder to avoid corruption but I’m lost.


where you fucked up is in one of these videos basically what you did is when you built the bodys you made them the default

What I did was just install it to the Vortex manager from the .RAR archive. But yeah your issue is with the body slide.

Thank you for linking the video, it was a step in the right direction. Basically I downloaded everything but I never let cbbe run when I installed it so bodyslider never registered it and didn’t list it as an option. That plus a week of fighting the individual outfits to get rid of purple leggings and it’s better. A few outfits still have the default body and I’m disappointed that I can only use the 2pac outfits where I would’ve preferred the base game look but functionally it works.

Vore mod comes with vanilla armor modified to use these sliders. I think you can download those files separately from the mod.
Note that outfits with skirts or coats will clip a lot. FO4 has a really dumb physics system and there’s nothing you can do to fix it other than taking stuff from 2pac files.

can you make new clothes mod? I tried but ı cant .

It’s pretty easy assuming the outfit isn’t low poly. BodySlide and Outfit Studio let you do it through a mostly automated process though you’ll need to adjust some things afterwards.

Thanks but i tried many times and can you make a instruction video on a random clothes.

I have neither skills nor connection to make tutorial videos. Might be out there for non-fat stuff, which works the same way in practice.

Vtaw Summer Mini Dress - CBBE - BodySlide at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community can anyone make this for mod? pls

verry dumb qusrion here sorry but onnce youv made the body you want is it just your charater or all female charater in the game affacted

it depends how you do it theres a video on youtube somewhere you can make several bodys to load into the world and also a specific one for your person or you can make one body for everyone in game females only obviously
i cant tell you how do it cause i dont know how sorry for the late reply