Looking for help with graphics.

I realize that one of the big reasons I stopped working on this project the first time is because it became incredibly daunting when I realized that I had no one to help with graphics and that I would have to do everything by myself. I am hoping that getting someone to help me with graphics this time around would help me stay interested in the project.

For now, I don’t want much. I have most of the graphics for the next build done, but I would like some dossier pictures. Here’s my art page with all of my graphics so far: Artwork Gallery for Earthquake-Warriors -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Dossier pictures appear in the library. They appear when you are looking up a character’s biography. For example:

upload image

These are dossier pictures for Mel and her Gordo Grande form: Mambo Jumbo. (The current release calls her a male, but that is because she was male at the time. I made her female because the female playable count is low) Mambo Jumbo is about the maximum size of what a Gordo Grande character dossier should be, and the regular one should be smaller.

I am looking for dossier pictures for Arath, Tumpton, Greencario, Grace’s Gordo Grande form and for Marcus:

Ref: Art Fight - Marcus the Drimogemon by Earthquake-Warriors -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
Gg form:Earthquake Warriors: Kerpymarcus by Earthquake-Warriors -- Fur Affinity [dot] net