Looking for illustrator to help with visual guide

I am looking for an illustrator to help with a visual guide to different types of bellies.

Something like this is close to what I’m looking for, except I want about 100 or so bellies, and perhaps more variation in sizes. The point of the chart is mainly to provide writers with a diverse gallery of chubby/fat body types and shapes that they can reference when writing about characters. I could picture it really coming in handy for artists as well. This is a project I’ve wanted to undertake for a while now, but hopefully we can get the ball rolling this year if someone on here would be willing to lend their artistic abilities, cuz I can’t draw for shit lol.


I can draw some for you I don’t know how many but can get some going.

Excellent. Do you have examples of some of your work?

I also have a good friend I may be able to convince to help

That ok with you? Just let me know

Sure. That sounds good.

I’ll get started soon

Are you offering any compensation? It might be hard to find someone willing to do all 100+ drawings for free. Also what would your role in the creation of this reference be?

What do you mean by what my role in the reference is?

Well if you’re not drawing the pictures for the reference, what would you be doing? Are you providing written descriptions? Formatting? Finding other examples for the illustrator to base their drawings off of? Making a site/program to display the drawings?

You say in the post you’re looking for someone to help you make a visual guide, but with how it’s written it seems less like helping and more like just making the whole thing. I’m just wondering what you’re going to be doing with the drawings once you get them.

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I would assemble all the individual drawings into a chart. I could also provide reference images for the artist to use