Looking for mods of games

Self explanatory. I happen to have an abundance of money to spend, and was wondering if there are any good fat mods for games. If so, which ones? Don’t be afraid to say obvious ones, like Starbound, as every bit helps.

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(NOTE: It does not have to be a steam game.)

There’s a pretty good one for RoR2. It even gives Engineer’s turrets dumptruck asses, which I didn’t really thing was possible.


Uhh, I think Monster Hunter World and Rise both had fat mods.
Starbound is obvious.
Terraria had at least one fat mod at one point.
All of the 3D Elder Scrolls games do, too. For sure Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim('s many versions), including weight gain, inflation, whatever.
Fallout games have a ton.
Minecraft had a few, though I don’t know if any are updated.
Uhhh, Rimworld had some, I think.
Stellaris has a bunch.
Most of the more-popular Sonic games do, both 2D and 3D.

I’m sure I’ll remember some more at some point.


The mods I can remember off the top of my head are:

Rimround for rimworld

Just Another Bite! for minecraft (this one is still really early in development so i would just say to keep an eye on it)

That one weight gain mod that coldsteelj made for fallout 4 that you can find on deviantart. This mod is rather customizable because it uses bodyslide but if you haven’t modded fallout 4 or something that is modded in a similar way before it will likely be a pain in the ass to actually download for the first time

Starpound for starbound (obviously)

I know skyrim has multiple mods but I’ve never gotten them to work

Fatify for Risk of Rain 2

obviously sims you can make fat characters and get mods to remove the limits on that but it looks kinda goofy (atleast in my opinion)

you could also make fat creatures in spore but that takes a while and is fairly tedious (just search “how to make a fat creature in spore” on youtube and you will probably find something)

I’m sure that I’m forgetting something but thats all I can think of off the top of my head.


Yeah, seems it’s gotten to the point I know all them :face_exhaling:

Thanks for the help though, y’all!

Rotund World for Rain World.

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Well shoot, there’s one lmao


World of Warcraft; Final Fantasy XIV; Street Fighter 5,6; Monster Hunter World; League of Legends; Horizon Zero Dawm; Code Vein; Tales of Arise; Crash Bandicoot 4…

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Thanks for the 10 of those as well lmao :rofl:

im not sure if it was mentioned but theres a few for stardew valley? most are just like sprite overhauls but there is one where as you get to certain relationship points with abigail (dream goth girl <3) she’ll get bigger.

i didnt know morrowind had one, do you have a link or know what site its on?