Looking for people for RP (DnD or Voracious or maybe something else!)

Hi everyone! I was looking to form a group along with a friend to do some weight gain (and other expansion related kinks) Roleplay, more particularly RP like DnD 5e (Expanded dnd 5e module can be included) or maybe another rp system like Voracious!

We would be looking to do a campaign setting that can be discussed with the people who would want to join in for the setting. We would take votes on and all that as well as an rp system to use!

As for scheduling, the current time zones for us are CST and EST so if that helps give an idea for time frames. And for the types of players pretty much all are welcomed for the rp! (high and low are both fine!)

For some context of what we had in mind here was some ideas we pitched at each other for campaign settings! We would also be glad to see others idea’s for a campaigns as well so don’t feel afraid to discuss or ask!

First idea - DnD 5e with maybe using expand DnD rules as well.
It would be a world with most of the basic works of dnd but the major difference is the presence of the elemental charge, a force that shapes the land in strange ways. The elements aren’t your traditional ones however as they have rather strange quirks to them.

-You have the element of energy which while can be associated with lightning actually is also capable of causing faster food growth and in the kinks case weight gain!
-Another element is gas which is usually shown with wind, however you could already guess that this is inflation
-The next element is liquid which is usually represented with a fish surprisingly, this for the players is you guessed it liquid inflation
-The last element is actually called void, which is when the elements are chaotically disruptive to each other and cause mass shifts to the environment around them.

The goal for the players is to find ways to help the people of the lands to stabilize there towns with the strange outburst of elemental changes.

Second Idea - Voracious
Basically it’s about a sci-if city in the middle of nowhere with a giant forest surrounding it with people saying monsters live inside it and that’s why no one dares to try to escape, the city is pretty calm but soon a group of people (the main party) see something happen, and later on they find out what happened was related to a gang that’s trying to take control of the city, and how they do it is by controlling these monsters, so the group takes on this gang with battles and stuff the in between being pretty calm with possibly some side quests and stuff, but basically during some big or important parts where that don’t take on the gang they try to sabotage the group like trying to make them gain weight or inflate them or vore them or people that help the gang (if the people in the game are ok with vore maybe we do vore things in combat too) and maybe we can do magic too, like long before magic had died but a member or two in the group found some of that magic or something and maybe we can have a forest monster friend and/or pet too, and we will be using the Voracious system.

Update : I believe we have enough players but we are currently looking at getting schedules set up so we might have openings or maybe even a whole second group!

Update 2 : We have a full group now!

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I’d love to be part of this group, I love ED&D and Voracious sounds fun too!

I’ll be setting up a discord for the group soon! I’ll send you my Discord in pms so check there to add me!

Yo yo! I’d totally be down for this, been a hot second since I’ve played some ED&D/Voracious!
If you ever need another player, give me a shout ^^

You got it will pm you with discord so we can get a group going!

This sounds very interesting. Count me in, if you feel like it. There’s nothing I love more than perusing different rpg mechanics.

Sure thing! Sending you my discord!

Sounds nice counts me in if thats alright

What kinda times were you considering running the campaign? I’m in europe so CST or EST during the afternoon are pretty reasonable for me however I absolutely would not still be awake if it happened in the evening :sweat_smile:

I’ll send you an invite to the group! I’ll pm you with my discord!

I don’t have a time for everyone has planned to meet up yet but I’ll invite you so we can discuss this with the group!

Man, would love to join, but unless you plan on playing like from the morning or noon do I not see the ability for me to actually do that. Its Midnight here right now, while in the CST Timezone its 5pm

I’m certainly interested, although being able to play or not will of course depend on exact days you end up playing on. I’ve played played 5e a little, but never never touched Voracious. The last couple of years (when I have managed to play) has been entirely Pathfinder 1E (with a dash of Shadowrun in there).

We haven’t made time plans yet but I am not sure we will. But there is another in the group that might share your timezone would you like the invite anyways?

I’ll send you an invite since we still need to figure out days and what not so you can be included!

Sure, though I have barely played D&D, I mostly played DSA which is pretty much a german version of D&D with less fantasy elements. I know the basics pretty much only

I would be down to join if their space left, i’m in est and free most days and have a few years experience with 5e but none with expandnd or voracious.

I think we have reached out player limit but if time zones become a problem with the current players I’ll get back with you!

k thanks, I hope you game goes well either way

IDK what Voracious is, but I could be open to a new EDnD game. The last two I’ve been in haven’t been good.