Looking for people profficient in Quest to answer some questions!

That’s right… I’m finally doing something on here!
I am making a Quest game and as a newer user I am looking for someone to walk me through a few things.
First thngs first, how do I ask the player a question for them to answer? I.E. A male/female/non-binary question.

One option is to use the Ask Question script. You might use this script as a way to let the player choose their name to be referenced later (as an example). To do that, you would “Set a variable or attribute” in the After choosing, run script section. It might look like: player.alias = result (make sure it is set to [expression])

Another way is to use the Show a menu script. The “Options from list/dictionary” would be the list of possible answers to choose from, like multiple choice. What you might do is set an attribute on the object, let’s call “npc,” the player is interacting with titled “answers” or something. This attribute will be a List of some sort, I recommend using an ordinary string list if you are new. Then, reference that in the options field. It might look like: npc.answers

If you choose to show a menu, you would then use an If script to determine what happens when (typed in quotations if the item is part of a string list): result = “option 1”

Also, hi, I’m new here

Firstly, welcome! We’re glad to have you here :3
Secondly, thank you. I have a few more questions on top of that however I’ll post them here as they become more important.

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