looking for people with levels and characters for RIG2

Hello, my name is bird and I’m looking if people have any characters or levels for HIJOKE’s game Riki’s inflation game 2, and I get board with how many current levels there are, and I wanna see user made levels made by fans, thank you in advise

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Even though I don’t have any levels or characters made, I would’ve loved to see non-furry characters created for RIG2 (despite the game being encouraging to fans of inflated furries).

yeah you can make some you know

Well, I did make a character for it, but it isn’t an inflation character, but just a fatfur that turns into his massive alter-ego at a certain point.

OMG thank you! its almost IMPOSSIBLE to find new characters

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I haven’t made any levels myself because I don’t have the level maker, but I could talk to HIJOKE for you to see if he has gotten any made by fans.

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thank you, because i want to try other people’s levels

I don’t know if you already know this, but if you go to my website, you can find a lot of characters others submitted, and one level pack so far.