Looking for players for open-world DND campaign. (Full! 7/6 players.)


Please DM at Forever_Golden#8952

Starting at 1st level, the game is open world with side quests and other features.

Expirence in DnD or other TTRPGs is appreciated but not required.

DnD 5e, Adipea. Looking for 4-6 players. Downtime will be included between sessions. Will be using Google sheets with automatic calculators for weight/skills.

Thank you.

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sent ya one! looking forward to what comes from this

I’m willing to join. Sent ya a request just now so let me know.

Hello; just wanted to say that I’m tentatively interested! I sent a request as well.

Sent ya a request!

Hope you don’t mind me not having a working microphone…

Hey do you mind if i ask you some more details on discord if you are still excepting players

God I hope I can still join