Looking For Players - SW5E

Hey there everyone! I’m running a Star Wars 5e game (via Roll20 and Discord for OOC) with a few friends of mine, but we’re currently down two people. The party cleared the prologue I set up, and are now heading to their first destination. The game is based on roleplay and interactions - power gaming is highly discouraged. It’s set in an alternate post KoTOR2 era - roughly 5 years after the end of the game.

The party currently consists of:

Female Miralukan Jedi Guardian (GMPC)
Male Human Sith Marauder
Female Twi’lek Gambler Scholar
Non-Binary Human Mandalorian Scout
They are currently Level 3.

Despite the obvious elephant in the room, the campaign and the party is relatively ‘good’ aligned and aimed on cooperation, Sith included. This is not a PVP campaign.

The focus is around story, but fetish is included. The focus is around story, but fetish is also included. The PCs are fat, the GMPC appreciates that, NPCs comment on it, and we are using adapted ExpanD&D rules for bulk and such. While fetish is included, outright sex acts are not and will not be forced/included in the plot. Please be expected to get HUGE as well.

There’ll be no voice involved for this game, text only~

If you’re interested, either post below, or send me a PM and we can discuss options~!


I’m a bit interested, when do you guys meet? And is Stars Wars 5e similar to D&D 5e? I’ve had about two years of experience with D&D and I’ve dabbled in Shadowrun 5e

SW5E is an adaptation of D&D 5e, and we normally meet on Mon/Tues, 7PM EST~

Hmm, I’ll think about it, because it does sound intriguing, but I tend to get busy those days. If you find 2 other people who are interested then take them, but if not then I’ll roll up a character :+1:

Roger, thank you for your interest! We’d also be open to Wednesday.

I might be interested in joining, I have about one to two years of experience and I’ve already looked over the material of SW5e and ExpanD&D and I’ve got a decent character idea in mind. The time and days seem decent enough so I should be able to make it most days.

I’d be interested in this. Haven’t played SW5e, but I’ve played 5e and two of the other Star Wars table tops, and the SW5e book looks straightforward enough.

I can do Mondays and Wednesdays, but can’t guarantee I’ll be available on Tuesdays until after 8 EST.

I’m intrigued enough to try, but I can’t guarantee availability every Monday and Tuesday. Would that be a problem?

Maybe, but let me message you directly so we can discuss it more.

Id love to play the only thing is I am still getting use to normal 5e so I might need some explanation as I had no clue there was a star wars version! That is if there is room still.