Looking for programmers to help on the feeding/inventory system in my game

I am currently developing a game called “Project Quimbly” and I’ve done quite a lot but I feel sort of overwhelmed and need a little help on a couple systems so I can release a demo quicker.

Looking for programmers with knowledge in unity and C#, payment and such can be discussed via discord, @ me in the discord or make a reply here if you want to help

Discord: Discord

I recently put together an inventory system for my game using this (paid) tutorial , it’s very good about showing how to structure an inventory/items and generic enough to adapt it to other styles of game. If you’re just not looking to do it yourself (which is understandable), I can talk to you to see if what I know how to do is in line with what you’re trying to implement.


Kinda losing the motivation for my own things, so while I’m slowly starting to continue on that again I’m very much willing to help take a look at things.
Fairly confident in my ability on the programming side of things.

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alright, cool what are you familiar with in terms of language and game engines

I mean I have an inventory system, more wanting to know how to spend items and such. I paid for a guy off fiverr to help me a bit as I haven’t used lists before this. I actually learned how to use lists in C# because of that but I don’t really know how to make an inventory also show itself in like a feeding menu where the item appears on a plate and you can scroll though it then click and drag it to the girls mouth to feed.

Ah, that makes sense. What you described is similar to what I’ve implemented in my project recently, so I may be able to help out. Influence_Z sounds more confident in his abilities, but feel free to message me in DM if you want to see an example of what I had in mind/discuss further.

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Python, C++, C#, Java
Game maker, Unity, Ren’py

Just to name the biggest ones, some smaller things on the side as well though
As well as overall experience in programming (OOP (Object Oriented Programming) etc.)