Looking for some people who can help me make an infographic

I have a project in mind that I think some of you would be interested in. I am wanting to create a full size chart of different belly types, shapes, sizes and what different combinations look like together. This could be applied to gaming, character design, writing, drawing or anything really.

Although this will be one infographic, there will be several mini-drawings that make it up. I would recommend a default female body base is created so that we can add/take away parts and features to/from it. That way, we can avoid having to draw every subtype from scratch. Preferably, there is a front, side, and back-profile to show what it looks like from all angles. It doesn’t necessarily have to be full body, just as long as it shows the relevant features that are being labeled. Color is also preferable, but not necessary. I will also be more than happy to send reference photos of real people that can be used for the drawings (in the event I can’t explain what I’m talking about in words)

Just to be clear, none of us will be paid. This is purely a collaborative passion project. Please help make this possible!

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Sounds cool and helpful. I’m definitely for it, but I might not be the most agile artist for this job

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It’s okay. Show me some of your stuff.