Looking for someone interested in making concept background art

Me and another person are working on this game idea, and so far, it’s still just in the concept stages. We’re hoping to start coding soon, but in the mean time, I’ve got character concept designs handled, but we need some help with what the rest of the game will look like, as backgrounds are not my forte. ^^;

Unfortunately, we can’t pay you just yet, as again, we don’t have anything other than concept designs yet, so it’d be a volunteer position for the moment, but if you’d like to take some time out of your day to help us out, that’d be much appreciated. ^^


I think you’ll get more takers if you establish what art style you want to go for. Pixel, geometric, realistic, cartoony…what character concepts do you have thus far?

Ah, you make a good point! We’re going to be making a Stardew Valley type game, a farm simulator type, and while our idea is definitely inspired by Stardew, we want it to still look and feel different, so we aren’t looking for a pixelated style, but a was thinking something more… watercolor? Or perhaps something that looks more like oil paints? Maybe even comic book style could do, it all depends on what the person can bring to the table I suppose. But it needs to be something bright and cheery to match the characters we’ve come up with.

Does that help?

Oh, and in terms of character concepts, we have these sprite concepts as well as the full bodied concepts.

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I would suggest doing the backgrounds as late as possible. backgrounds are one of those things that is very likely to change during development and having to redo stuff because it doesn’t fit anymore is a waste of time

I agree, most of the games I watched on this forum ended up changing the background more than once.

I can understand that, but these are just meant to be concepts, and concepts are meant to be changed, usually. Though, I do have a pretty good idea of how I’d want this game to look, and I’d trust that my partner wants the same.

And besides, it’d be nice to have another artist to discuss ideas about this game with, and see what we could come up with together, while my partner handles the coding side of things. ^^;

Especially since this will take a while…

But I can appreciate your advice, as we kinda don’t really know what we’re doing, or what order we should be doing it in, so that’s actually quite welcome, even though I disagreed.