Looking for Spriter - RPG Maker MV (Paid)

Hey again! Looking for someone who’s willing to make sprites for my new RPG Maker MV game. Figured I’d make a new post instead of necro’ing a 3 year old one. Either way, I’d need some custom sprites for my female characters - if there are any takers.

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Going to sleep I’ll bite. What kind of stuff are you looking for?

I know of a good spriter who can do fat stuff. https://ko-fi.com/secretbush

What kinda sprites are you looking for? Normal-sized or tall ones?

Looking for normal-sized(ish) sprites like the following. Most of the characters I got are busty, so that’d be the trend, here. I’d want them to still fit in with the RPG Maker MV Style if possible, so that they don’t stand out too much.

It seems pretty feasible, can we talk over in DMs for the details?

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I’ve sent you a DM. ^^