Looking for spriters for edits

Looking for people to assist in making variants of my existing sprites, simple things like higher weight and special variants. Every task will come with references so nothing will be need to be designed or added on the spriters side just need to translate the look of the larger art to the sprite.

please contact on discord if interested. omega8fattyacid#9618
Unable to give monetary compensation but willing to give rewards based around project.

Any specifics on the size/resolution of the sprites or how many frames each one will be? A reference for what the scope of a typical job would be might draw more people in.

Typical RPGmaker character sets so 3 frames x 4 directions, certain characters that hover could be considered 1 frame x 4 directions and winged would be 2 frames x 4 directions. Since the base is already there two more weight stages are needed.

example of a walking set:

example of a hovering set: (note: all frames are similar just height adjusted)

When I get time, I may take a crack at these. I need the practice.