Looking for Text Adventure Games that went missing after Forum Crash

The data that was lost in the forum crash included links to various text adventure games. However, this could be remedied if anybody saved the links to the games before the crash, and was willing to post them here.
In particular, I am personally hoping for links to a game named something along the lines of “the Master of Flesh,” as well as a game by a user who went by “The-Finn-Man” on the old forum which let you choose between playing as a male or female character and included a witch character.

If the creators of these games return and would rather have the links on their own threads, I have no problem with that. This is for games that had been posted to the old forum and were lost after the crash, and whose original creators are not here to repost them.




If you have the link to that game still, Happy, do you have the links to the others? There were a few that were pretty fun, but I can’t remember any of the names.

Here are the ones I see in my history:



How do you even beat the Duelist?

Following feeding the demon cook (attack with rock and then strapping to chair) you will receive demonic amulet which will allow to go OUT of the main room and find something to bribe duelist with. Let me know if you find a way to get past the next part

I gotten through, now how do you get rid of that archer?

you have to use the ring of thunder, which is where you also get the bribe for the deulist, then use the glowing orange stone. To get the stone, you have to give the lesser rune you get from the deulist to the thief girl to make it a greater rune stone, then give it to the witch while having the mirror shard in your inventory. then you look at the witch to get it

mirror shard? Where is that mirror shard?

you break the mirror in the chair room with the rock to get it :slight_smile:

you got to shoot the green gem behind him with the slingshot, but make sure to load it first

do you know anymore

All I got, but it looks like some of the devs are trickling back!

Really? I don’t see any. *gets shot *

I made one Julia's fattening Fable text adventure game - #2 by Speedster_Dash


Could anyone tell me specifically how to get past the demon cook?

You have to attack her with the Rock you find in a previous room, then drag her into the “Strapping Chair” to the north.

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I tried that and it didn’t work

Okey, so you pressed the “attack” button for then to chose attacking her with the rock? Typing that you throw the rock at her doesn’t work.

Funny thing is, i didn’t even remember how to do it myself. And i got terribly owned. Anyway, did you make sure to have an object to make you less suspect to the cook ? I think that’s where you’re stuck.