Looking for this specific game

Hi its me again !
Before visiting this website today I saw a screenshot of a game named A game that fertilizes employees while running a store It got me curious and I clicked the link only to be sent to weight gaming with the notification that the page doesnt exist or is private. Is this game existing with a new name or has it been deleted ?

It was a Japanese game that had a thread here but it featured multiple underage characters.

Wait does it? I am pretty sure when i first played the game it said in the beginning that all character are 18+ not sure its possible i am confusing it with another game.

The original game is in Japanese and the MC you play as is stated as going to be seventeen within the year by her father and there is another very young girl you raise that is around ten I believe.

The couple English versions that I know of one is machine translation and states the same thing. The full English translation had a disclaimer that the ages of all characters were eighteen but largely left text unchanged that indicated otherwise to my knowledge. The father still stated they would be at the age of adulthood within a year (although it had the disclaimer slammed into the middle of the sentence) and the other very young girl that you pick up off the street and raise is still clearly around the age of 10+.

The issue for the game with translations’ runs into the same issue as a piece of cake to my knowledge. It’s an issue of translation vs localization. I would think the same rules probably applied here. The staff is okay with a game being localized to meet the always be civil rule. Meaning that if someone went in with the devs permission and localized the game and changed the story and any other offending content to meet US law that it could be on the site (at least assuming the statements about a piece of cake apply to games outside of it.) However, with there being content involving minors they were not allowing anymore translations of the game, and I believe the same thing happened here to misekoya.

(I would quote or link the passage of a piece of cake that this is mentioned in but as a locked thread you are not able to do that.)